The Perks of a CRM Dialer – Enhanced Agent Productivity

In any call center, enhancing agent productivity is always top of mind. One step to take toward reaching this goal involves the implementation of a CRM dialer. For every product, though, there are many different models to choose from, and it’s important that the chosen product and model gives your agents access to multiple dialing modes. Let’s take a look at two of the must-have features for any CRM dialer.Preview Dialing: The automated agent scripting capabilities of preview dialing helps your agents stay on-task with a consistent conversation aimed at qualifying leads and delivering a winning sales pitch.Predictive Dialing: Effective predictive dialer software has been found to triple the amount of time that agents can spend talking to prospects and clients throughout the work day. The system leverages automated outbound dialing to ensure that agents are only connected to real people, rather than voicemail systems, fax machines and busy signals.Additional dialing modes that come with a CRM dialer solution include progressive dialing and power dialing, adding up to seamless CRM integrations.When it comes to enhancing agent productivity even further, though, Vocalcom’s CRM dialer can be used in conjunction with Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud, enabling agents to connect with more customers at the right time. Even better, Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud offers support for first-call resolution, making sure that calls are routed to the right agent the first time.By utilizing these tools, enterprises have been found to increase agent productivity by as much as 55 percent. To learn more about our world-renowned CRM dialer offerings, click here.

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