The Power of Social Call Center Software this Holiday Season

Service centers have been thrown into a frenzy with the 2013 holiday season being one of the shortest experienced in years. Customers are looking for easier ways to buy gifts and inquire about the products that they have their sights set on; they’re looking toward new channels of communication to simplify previously laborious or potentially lengthier processes. As a result, social media is being pinned as an especially helpful mode of service for those entrenched in the customer service space.

Customers have long been turning to the Internet for carrying out their holiday shopping. In fact, online sales are expected to increase by 15 percent this holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation. Even more, according to aggregated data from a recent Crowdtap infographic, almost 65 percent of shoppers use social media to search for gifts, and nearly 70 percent purchase gifts that they found through social media.

Now the question for call center managers or decision makers is: how can you be leveraging this information to your benefit? Customers are more influenced by social media and likely to purchase from this channel – how can your facility play a key role in this process?  By utilizing social call center software.

Today’s more advanced, leading-edge call center options empower companies with everything it takes to amaze customers, including robust, social media support. This includes: selling on Twitter, identifying influencers, leveraging Facebook, social media monitoring, digital marketing and seamless social media to website service, among many other capabilities.

You can’t service your 21st century customers using 20th century technology. Social call center software represents the new age of service delivery.

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