The Power of Website Support for Your Call Center Strategy

When it comes to a call center strategy, the need to seamlessly handle incoming phone, e-mail and social media inquiries should be top of mind for managers and agents alike. One element that often falls by the wayside, though, is online support delivered via a company’s website. So many call center interactions start with a customer perusing a company’s website and not being able to find the answer or information they need. So, they pick up the phone and dial the service number.

Imagine how much easier customer service would be if your website’s help sections and FAQs were maximized for the most efficient use (and, research shows that customers want to use these kind of help sections, but few are satisfied). With a 67 percent overall average adoption rate across generations, FAQ and help sections are easily the most accessed online customer service channel available. Usage across these channels has even increased over the past three years by 10 percent.

Customers Aren’t Satisfied, Though

Despite its popularity, the FAQ/help section has one of the lowest-reported satisfaction ratings at 58 percent. What is the cause of this?

There simply aren’t enough companies that have solid knowledge management programs in place. Such programs work to optimize content based on content usage data, customer satisfaction ratings and search term analysis.

The second lowest satisfaction rating comes from virtual agents at 55 percent. This dissatisfaction – much like help and FAQs – is due to the mismanagement of content in comparison to the types of questions that customers are asking.

How Can Call Center Software Leverage FAQ/Help Sections?

By better aligning what questions customers are asking with the types of answers that are being given, call centers will be able to better assist the huge chunk of their audience who seeks help and advice through the FAQ and help sections of their websites.

To learn more about the growth of website support, click here to access Forrester’s “Understand Communication Channel Needs to Craft Your Customer Service Strategy” whitepaper.

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