The Predictive Dialer is Going Digital

Need a predictive dialer? Now there’s an app for that. Technology start-up Dexetra has released Dialapp, a new app available for Android smartphones that automatically organizes your call log in order of who it predicts you will call next.

The intelligent technology stands as a hybrid solution combining mobility with predictive dialing. The app analyzes your previous call activity and patterns to calculate the probability of your future calls. Beneath each contact, the app provides the time stamped history of the calls you’ve answered, both placed and missed. Simply put, Dialapp is designed to make our smartphone-based personal assistants and other apps more personalized.

Dexetra CEO Narayan Babus commented on the progressive nature of the app, saying, “The call history tab has been in phones for over a decade now. But it is the most unimaginative way to put list of people to call. I am not going to call the pizza guy again after I called him and got my order.”

The contact center industry is constantly seeking new ways to reach heightened levels of proficiency. Making a digital leap, the release of Dialapp is indicative of the immense growth call technology has experienced. With the ability to rapidly navigate through dead-end calls and optimize agent contact lists, agencies have become able to maximize interactive talk time. In doing so, predictive dialing increases agent efficiency and generates more profit. Such software has become an indispensible asset to businesses relying on returns from outbound calls, and with this new mobile app, it seems that the technological boundaries have been exceeded just a bit more.  

Having officially gone digital, who can tell what the future of predictive dialer software may have in store? We predict that its future will continue to be an exciting one!

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