The Real Benefits of Hybrid Cloud for Contact Center Managers

Cloud-based systems are quickly gaining traction as the primary way for businesses to use and interact with their data. Considering the modern contact center and today’s ever-widening spectrum of call center solutions, there are varying types of information that need to be stored somewhere that is reliable and easily-accessible by employees across all facets of the organization. Because of the many different needs of differing organizations, or perhaps the evolving needs of these organizations, hybrid cloud solutions are quickly gaining steam as an industry standard.

In fact, by 2018, it is expected that the hybrid cloud market will reach $79.54 billion. Considering its extreme flexibility and distinctive price options – made affordable by its unique mixture of both public and private cloud usage – this exponential growth may not be so shocking for some. Hybrid solutions offer the same customizable features and delivery models of typical cloud systems, including the availability of SaaS, Iaas and Paas infrastructures.

Additionally, hybrid technology boasts the adaptability of more standard cloud solutions while at the same time allowing users to make necessary changes that are specific to their companies – the kinds of changes that will keep them agile and competitive in today’s market. So, while there is the distinction between a cloud-based system and an in-house data center, a hybrid cloud system can allow for varying combinations based on an enterprise’s specific needs. Perhaps in one scenario, a private financial system needs to be in place for security reasons or for systems that will remain static, but then multiple public systems are also needed for different reasons, such as licensing, geography or overage space.

In an atmosphere where both technology and customers are constantly evolving, it is important to have a system that has the ability to change as necessary. In many instances, a hybrid cloud system will be the right tool for the job.

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