The Research Says it All: Consumers Crave Social, Functional Call Center Applications

For many, mobile applications have become the most addictive element of the smart device world. It’s like a child stumbling upon an alternate universe filled with candy and sweets. Upon setting up your device, you quickly realize that there are literally millions of apps ripe for the picking, and they all seemingly appeal to your needs. Banking? There’s an app for that. E-mail? Another app. Social media? There’s definitely an app for that.

Whether it’s making payments or enjoying social interaction, consumers are taking their lives and placing it into the increasingly growing mobile space. By the end of this year, it is estimated that there will be about 1.82 billion smartphones worldwide, and the average smartphone user runs about 41 apps.

And as we all know, businesses have to move with their consumers – and the call center is no exception. Today, the call center manager prefers to make changes with the touch of a finger while on-the-go. Moreover, those maintaining operations want to be able to log into an app to work just like they would to make an account transfer, delete mail or check when the next train is arriving.

It really should be as simple as that, yet at the same time, it should excite the user and make him or her want more. So…how do you create an addictive call center application?

Thankfully, our friends over at Salesforce also understand that the business app revolution has fully commenced, having recently released an eBook containing the six key elements of addictive apps. Check back in for an upcoming series where we’ll detail these need-to-know elements of building the perfect business app.

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