The Right Predictive Dialer Brings Proven Return on Investment

The age-old adage “slow and steady wins the race” isn’t always the best approach when it comes to business – especially not when the hare is equipped with new, innovative solutions for running circles around the tortoise, who may be scraping by with dated technology. In order to remain competitive in today’s corporate environment, businesses have to incorporate strategic software that will enable them to gain an advantage. Predictive dialers provide one such solution.

In comparison to manual dialing, predictive dialer technology is the clear choice. Research has shown that companies employing manual dialing systems are only making 13 percent of the amount of calls as a company with predictive dialing solutions. By eliminating the time required to analyze call data and by filtering out dead-end calls, the leading-edge technology is also proven to help you get more value from your outbound call efforts. Make the switch to more than double your revenue from eight sales per shift to 25.6 sales per shift – the equivalent of a $595 dollar average difference. You will also be able to maximize agent productivity by increasing talk time to an average of 47 minutes per hour as opposed to 16 minutes per hour. Even more, you’ll see a spike in calls per agent from 80 to 600 a day.

All of this translates to one thing: Invaluable benefits designed to enhance efficiency and productivity from higher profits to better performance management capabilities. Armed with advanced predictive dialing technology, your business is guaranteed to see tangible results.

 Don’t fall behind the curve with outdated software. Keep your business in the ring with state-of-the-art predictive dialer solutions.

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