The Secret to Faster First Call Resolution is No More

Cost per contact (CPC) is the call center’s most volatile operating expense. The longer the average talk time, and the higher the number of times the customer must interact before getting a resolution, the more expensive the call’s resolution. It’s a relatively simple concept.

CPC is also the metric with the most potential for improvement; therefore, the software that helps your call center resolve problems on the first contact, reduce time-consuming tasks, and better route requests is the software that you need to be deploying right now. After all, you can’t waste any more time operating without the most efficient channels, which are proven to have a positive impact on the contact center’s bottom line.

Using all-in-one call center software can help with all of these metrics, but in particular, first call resolution. For instance, Vocalcom’s unified cloud communications technology, made available through Salesforce, has been shown to increase first contact resolution by almost 40 percent, and its intuitive commands reduce training costs by up to 25 percent per agent.

Using a Web interface, information from all channels flows seamlessly into one single, user-friendly screen, allowing agents to see the history of a pertinent problem in one cohesive thread. Tabbed records also optimize the information and require fewer clicks and less scrolling, which significantly speeds up support.

Vocalcom and Salesforce hold a strong and unparalleled CRM partnership. Cloud-based call center software directs agents to the relevant and appropriate information for the individualized customer, driving faster first call resolution and reducing average call times by as much as 20 percent.

At the end of the day, lowering costs will always be a top priority. With Vocalcom’s Salesforce-supported technology, you can help support this focus of yours while empowering agents to do their jobs better.

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