The Security of the Cloud Contact Center

As cloud computing continues to transform the way that business is conducted, it is important to look at the possible concerns that can come along with it. Security has been a long-time cloud concern for many; business owners and execs see an enormous amount of valuable and private information seemingly floating around in what they consider the digital equivalent of no man’s land.

One large concern resides in the simple nature of a majority of cloud service providers. In the past, data centers where typically in-house and they could be monitored and kept in a closed system. The cloud service provider, however, is essentially a third party where a room is rented and their space is used. This opens up many benefits—maintenance, energy and the physical space is freed up.

Concerns arise simply because when not stored in-house, the thought of control is lost. To this end, a popular assumption used to be that the cloud was inherently more risky than in-house data centers; however, the opposite is more strongly proven true. In a study conducted on in-house facilities verses the cloud, it was found that there were actually fewer malware and Web attacks in the cloud than in enterprise systems.

The following are two vital things to look out for when vetting a cloud contact center service:

Experience and Track Record: Like when shopping for any business, it is important to research. Some companies are simply more reliable than others and have a better track record.

Services Offered: All clouds aren’t made equal. Some cloud providers offer specialized services, especially when it comes to types of security. It is important to tailor an enterprise’s cloud structure specifically to a business model, be it a financial institution or a contact list. 

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