The State of Occupations Within the Telecom Sector

All eyes are currently focused on the job market in the U.S. While all the talk these days is on manufacturing, however, there is one market that is growing at a much faster rate—the telecommunications sector. It has been reported that domestic hiring in the telecommunications space is up 5 percent over the past year, while every other job market in the U.S. – aside from farming – increased by only 1.7 percent. Geographically speaking, Texas remains the largest call-center state, with more than 280 call centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone. And over the past three years, telecommunications have created 100,000 jobs across the country.

This growth can be primarily attributed to many companies who are returning from overseas to set up in the U.S. due to concerns about customer satisfaction and costs. In areas such as India and the Philippines, for example, worker wages are rising, which is undoubtedly a major factor for industrial flight. In fact, one company that moved from India and the Philippines was able to reduce its total costs by 15 percent. 

Furthermore, length times are responsible for companies returning to the U.S. According to Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Budco, Mary Murcott, overseas calls typically take twice as long to operate. As concerns about worker productivity and customer satisfaction continue to rise, it is predicted that this trend will march on and, as a result, companies will increasingly re-shore operations to the U.S. This will no doubt also make an impact on the call center solutions being utilized for better service.

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