The Tale of One Successful Company’s Customer Service Meltdown

It just goes to show that even the most profitable company can begin to burn if it doesn’t ensure a competitive, pleasant customer experience. The company in question is Ryanair, a European low-cost airline. Ryanair boasts annual profits of about 500 million euro; however, the brand is now experiencing profit warnings, likely due to what CEO Michael O’Leary would rather not admit is a declining customer experience, according to a variety of surfacing reports.

The company seems to have quite a few problems that it is currently trying to work out, including a particularly challenging and possibly deceptive website that hits unaware customers with extra fees. The website is apparently being revisited and re-launched, though. In response, O’Leary vows to change the game by promising better customer service and lower prices in the near future.

At the end of the day, ensuring a positive and enjoyable customer experience is the number one influencing factor for companies’ success or downfall. Investing in the right contact center application, software or solution can make all of the difference in the way that a company’s service is enjoyed, as well as the way in which its brand is viewed by existing customers and outsiders alike.

With advanced service options like V.I.P. customer routing, customer callbacks, customer relationship management (CRM) technology and mobile and social avenues for communication (i.e. social media, live chat and video chat), today’s call center technology can truly transform one’s business and the customer experience it delivers upon.

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