The Virtual Solution to the Temporary Employee Challenge

With hurricane season in full swing and the holidays right around the corner, call center managers’ minds are on staffing. If you’re part of this group, you may be asking yourself: When should I start to scale up or down? Do I have enough trained agents? What if I have to close the contact center due to inclement weather and operate out of a back-up or partner facility?

With a virtual call center, staffing issues such as these can be minimized or even eliminated.  A year-round virtual call center offers several benefits:

·         Employees can work from any location, including home

·         Companies can scale up and down as needed, or activate staff in different parts of the country at different times

·         Contacts can be routed based on priority or agent specialty

·         With remote log-in, their call status can be easily tracked

·         They can work in multiple channels, including phone, online chat, email and Skype, or focus on a specific channel

The Customer Service Experience is the One that Counts

Ninety-two percent of customers form their opinions about a company based on their experience with the call center, and 68 percent of customers will switch brands based on a poor experience. Poor customer experiences cost U.S. companies $83 billion in lost business every year.

Meanwhile, just 37 percent of brands received a good or excellent customer experience index score in 2012, while 86 percent of customers said they would pay more for a better experience.

A virtual call center solution helps companies resolve issues faster, reduce call wait times and maximize productivity. And without being tied to outdated or expensive technology, companies can easily upgrade or add on solutions to their service suite. If you’re in the market for call center technology, consider the benefits of a virtual solution.

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