The World is More Mobile Than We Think

Let’s admit it. Our world today is fixated on mobile phones. Just how much you may ask? Specifically, about 80 percent of the world’s population has a mobile phone, and out of that percentage, 91.4 million smartphones exist. And that’s just in the United States alone.You may think you know how just ubiquitous mobility is in today’s world, however, a 2012 Smartphone Usage Statistics Infographic may prove you wrong. The world we live in is much more mobile than we think.Mobile phones are not just for making calls anymore. With today’s hi-tech technology, mobile phone users can surf the Web, stay informed with current news and keep up with social media. Smartphones have become a dearly beloved addition to our everyday lives, allowing us to do essentially anything – from browsing your favorite retailer to paying that last minute bill to even managing call center operations.According to the infographic, there are five billion mobile phones in the world, out of which 1.08 billion are smart phones. In 2012:

  • 92 percent of individuals used texting
  • 84 percent browsed the Internet
  • 76 percent checked e-mails
  • 64 percent played games
  • 69 percent downloaded apps
  • 59 percent used social networking sites
  • 48 percent listened to music/videos

Looking toward the future, it’s being projected that 80 percent of the US population will use a mobile phone by 2016; 50 percent will use iPads or tablets; and 97 percent of young adults will use smartphones to send text messages.And so remains the lesson to be learned: With such a high number of smartphone users, your call center could really benefit. By integrating mobile call center applications into your business, your customers will benefit from increased ease-of-use and accessibility, among many other benefits.To learn more about our call center applications, solutions and offerings, click here.

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