There are 127 Reasons Why Your Call Center Needs Mobile Apps

Portio Research estimated this year that 1.2 billion people worldwide were using mobile apps as of December 2012. And amazingly, this figure is projected to grow at a CAGR of almost 30 percent to eventually reach 4.4 billion mobile app users by the end of 2017. These numbers are also supported by new research from eMarketer revealing that not only does mobile now account for 12 percent of Americans’ overall media consumption (a figure that has tripled since 2009) but that time spent on mobile apps has completely trumped the amount of time consumers spend on the mobile Web.

In fact, the average smartphone owner now spends 127 minutes per day using mobile apps.

Aside from the fact that companies need to flow with the strong current of customer preference, this means there are essentially 127 great reasons why your business should be embracing the era of mobility, mobile apps and Web-based customer service.

At Vocalcom, we know that this is not only a huge driver for business growth, but that it ultimately represents the future of the contact center. That’s exactly why we have been offering world-trusted Web, mobile and in-call virtual queuing complete with a range of mobile applications for managing and driving your call center operations forward.

Businesses have been scrambling to move to meet consumers on the Web, in social networks and through mobile. In identifying this mobile trend early on, Vocalcom has managed to deliver upon customer preferences when they were needed most by offering a plethora of powerful call center applications – all which are natively integrated within Avaya, today’s leader in telephony – that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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