Three Customer Service Misconceptions Debunked

A company always needs to be on the cutting edge of the latest service trends so that it does not fall behind or become known for antiquated service practices. The fact that customer service demands are always changing is a great thing; it provides ample opportunity for your company to grow, however, it can also be one of your greatest challenges.

Let’s take a look at some common consumer myths that are floating around the industry to see how your business measures up:

Myth: It is okay to beg customers to like your page on Facebook

Truth: We all occasionally see a company on Facebook begging customers to like its page. In small doses, this is an acceptable form of marketing; however, best practices do not include begging. Oftentimes, providing a link on a newsfeed or sending an invite via e-mail linking to a social media page is just enough to get a message across to consumers.

Myth: The customer is always right

Truth: This statement still holds a lot of power in terms of meeting customer demands, and it is something that every business should pay attention to. However, in reality, the customer will not always be right. A pushy customer, for that matter, will keep asking until they get what they want. It is up to your agents to understand how to best work around a demanding customer so that they provide them with consistent, stellar service.

Myth: Good customer service does not matter

Truth: A few years ago, customer service was always second to production at a company. A few complaints did not mean much, and consumers had relatively few channels to voice their opinion about a negative experience. Now, of course, things have changed. Customer care has to come above all else, or a business will begin to experience high churn rates and negative results.

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