Three Issues the Right Telemarketing Software Can Quickly Fix

You may have heard the whispers. You may have encountered frustrated peers. You may have seen the unfortunate adverse affects of poor telemarketing technology and business strategies. The bad news about this is that it is more commonplace than we think. The good news, however, is that not all telemarketing businesses follow in these ill-advised footsteps. Telemarketing remains one of today’s most efficient ways to conduct business – that is, with the right software. Looking to realize the benefits of telemarketing software before you dive in? Here are some common customer issues that the right software can quickly address.

1.       The “I’m not interested” call. This kind of customer is perhaps the most difficult to engage. Usually, he or she will pick up the phone and immediately utter the words, “Sorry, I’m not interested.”  If this is the case, the right telemarketing software will come equipped with customer satisfaction surveys to gain a better understanding of what the customer wants or needs. This kind of customer may not be very open to the idea at the first, but this technique is at least respectful of their request for privacy.

2.       The “you-caught-me-at-a-bad-time” call. This customer is always engaged in something else during your prime calling time. Whether it’s because they’re eating, they’re on the other line with another call or they were just heading out the door. Today’s advanced telemarketing software should offer a callback feature, which flattens peaks in call volume and keeps customers far away from being put on hold by giving them the option of customizing their call time. Not only does this mean no more estimated wait times, but it also gives the customer a better impression with a customized, personal option for communication.

3.       The “please-take-me-off-your-list” call. This customer will politely thank you for calling…and then just as politely ask to be removed from your calling list. Some telemarketing software options claim to remove customers’ phone numbers from their lists yet, for some reason, don’t. Your customer should be one of – if not the – top priority. If they don’t wish to be called, respect that wish. Today’s innovative telemarketing software boasts digital and mobile customer service that your “Do Not Call” list customers may be more willing to engage with.

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