Three Luxury Brands and the Multi-channel Lessons You Can Learn From Them

To capture today’s young, hip audience, luxury retailers know they need to be in multiple channels – and, in particular, social media, where their customers spend a good portion of their day. Recently, several luxury brands stepped outside of their traditional comfort zones to build successful multi-channel programs that included a variety of components. The result was more than they could have ever hoped for: an extremely engaging, unbeatable customer experience.

Rouge Ecstasy

To launch its all-new Rouge Ecstasy lipstick line, Georgio Armani leveraged Facebook and Twitter, circulating a video showing models wearing all 36 shades while beat boxing.The music was catchy, the colors were vibrant, and it took off like wildfire.


Next, Audi added a humorous twist to its message. Called “The Station,” the TV commercial, online videos and print ads explained the benefits of clean diesel and introduced its new diesel-fuel car in an entertaining way. The YouTube episode generated more than 1 million views in just a month.

Brian Atwood

Launching a first-ever line of handbags, footwear designer Brian Atwood partnered with fashion bloggers to announce launch events taking place at Bloomingdale’s. Atwood and social influencers tweeted the events using a unique hashtag and posted them on Facebook. It just goes to show that diverging away from the norm can be a successful venture when supported by a multi-channel approach.

All three of these brands tried something they had never done before and integrated social media to reach their target audience. And, coupling a social dimension with the proliferation of mobile devices for consumer engagement, each brand was able to successfully interact with its customer base to get them closer to the point of purchase.

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