Three Major Disruptions for the Contact Center Industry

The call center is certainly not full of butterflies and rainbows. If it was, we’d collectively take a deep breath and move on knowing that our operations are being efficiently met. But this is the real world, and there are very real complications and disruptions that face the contact center industry – disruptions that you need to know. Let’s take a look at three major disruptions that should be top of mind for this evolving industry, and more importantly, how you can address them.

1.)    Driving Your Contact Center to the Cloud

The cloud is going to significantly change the way contact centers are operated, handled and managed. It’s inevitable, and it’s causing the contact center industry to experience a major upheaval. Traditional brick and mortar facilities are slowly fading in the rearview mirror as we drive full speed ahead toward the maturing age of cloud communications.

2.)    Moving Your Contact Center to the Social World

Integrating social networks into the contact center will certainly have its challenges, most notably concerning integration. As a provider of strategically designed contact centers for the hyper connected world, this is one of our key propositions here at Vocalcom. A few years ago, the main service channel was voice, but with the advent of social networking and mobility, we’re seeing a very impacting change. While this is disrupting the contact center, Vocalcom is providing just as disruptive and transformative solutions that enable us to remain side-by-side with this growth and development.

3.)    Optimizing Costs

This fact can either be very self-explanatory or completely unrecognized by companies. By re-aligning efforts from cost improvement to revenue maximization, contact centers can see a huge change in the growth and development of their business’ operations.

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