Part 2 – Three Questions You Need to Ask Before Investing in Cloud Call Center Software

Businesses are expanding to take on more operations to satisfy fluctuating customer demand; therefore, a business’ ability to quickly, flexibly and cost-efficiently adapt to today’s rapidly changing business environment is crucial. A huge competitive advantage of taking your call center to the cloud is that you can meet essentially any change thrown your way.

In a global survey commissioned by market-research firm AbsolutData, companies noted as “extremely agile” consistently outperformed others across a variety of categories, including: recognizing shifts in customer preferences and trends; launching new products or functionalities; and scaling in order to meet demand. Even more, 72 percent of respondents who have already deployed the cloud believe it played a key role in achieving IT agility.

This leads us to our second question to consider…

Question #2: Do they promote overall business agility?

Ask yourself what your expectations are regarding business agility before discussing this with a potential provider. For example, what are your estimations and predictions with cloud-based software regarding target, reach, revenue potential and cost savings, and how could it measure up? Upon deploying cloud-based call center software, take some time to observe how your business is responding. Are you enjoying a sturdier and more flexible call center? Is there a specific goal you had in mind for your business? If so, has it been met? If not, why? If a provider offers a trial run of their software, this would be the time to embrace that.

In the concluding part of this series, we’ll bring to light one last question you should consider before rising to cloud nine.

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