Three Reasons Why Telemarketers Need a Hosted Predictive Dialer

Whoever said being a telemarketer was easy is sorely mistaken. Telemarketers face a bevy of challenges, such as developing customized prospect lists, overcoming objection and difficulty engaging with customers. In addition, these challenges can be exasperated by outdated, poor technology. Today, more telemarketing firms are ditching their legacy predictive dialing technology and turning to hosted predictive dialer systems to better manage business while simultaneously boosting productivity and reducing costs.Like a standard predictive dialer, a hosted predictive dialer cuts to the core of sales calls by quickly and efficiently identifying which customers are live and which are not; however, a hosted solution omits the need for physical, in-house hardware.So how can a hosted predictive dialer combat the common challenges telemarketers face?

  1. Increased productivity due to improved call volume: With a hosted solution, calls are quickly transferred to a sales agent only when a live person has answered, increasing productivity and enabling agents to spend time on calls not dialing.
  2. Increased options for customer engagement/interaction: Studies have shown that using predictive dialing technologies can increase outbound call volume by an upwards of 400 percent. With a hosted solution, agents have the right tools, quick access to customer information, a clear script and access to customer contacts.
  3. Offers more advanced features: Telemarketers have access to a number of advanced features such as multiple dialing modes, CRM integrations, web call monitoring, call recording and more.

Offered and managed separately through your vendor via the cloud, your business will immediately realize a multitude of unique business advantages empowered with hosted predictive dialing technology.

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