Three Reasons You Need Hermes Cloud

Nestlé Waters Corporation, the number one global provider of bottled water, hydrates the world. Behind the scenes of its operations, however, the company requires help to successfully quench its customers’ call service needs.

Erikli, the leading Turkish brand of Nestle Waters, was using Nortel Symposium before deciding to adopt Hermes.net by Vocalcom, a provider of hosted call center solutions and transformative, digital cloud call center offerings.

Yalcin Atasever, communications systems supervisor at Erikli, recently reflected on the company’s investment in Vocalcom in a customer case video. As a contact center manager for over six years, Atasever emphasized three core reasons for Nestlé’s decision to purchase and sustain Hermes.net.

1.)      Openness: The open source system allows corporations to access the database and develop their own applications and reports. Nestlé Waters took advantage of the immediate access to the database allowing the company to better measure and improve upon its performance.

2.)      Ease of Operation: The biggest improvement Atasever noticed after integrating Hermes.net into Nestlé’s system was how easily agents adapted to the simple, straightforward solution enabling them to make calls more efficiently.

3.)      Cost Effectiveness: Hermes.net operates using only one, simple and easy-to-use server, and it was the centralization of these resources that helped sharply decrease the company’s hardware maintenance costs.

Atasever explained that “today’s technology is far away from the old hardware-based solutions. It is crucial to be able to modify the solution you have, and in this context we think there is no limit for Hermes.net. We chose it, and will continue using it, because it addressed all of our requirements.”

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