Three Things Your Cloud Contact Center Software Needs to Bring to the Table

With worldwide revenue of cloud computing services slated to continually rise from now until 2018, where it’s slated to peak at $181 billion, it would only be wise to create a checklist of sorts before making a cloud contact center investment.

There are plenty of good reasons to make the cloud switch. According to a recent infographic from HOB Secure Business Connectivity, the following reasons were cited by companies as either an “important” or “very important factor” for their shift to the cloud:

·         Standardize applications and business processes (78 percent)

·         Make faster application enhancements (65 percent)

·         Increase application flexibility (71 percent)

·         Improve application maintenance (60 percent)

·         Reduce IT cost (71 percent)

·         Improve data and trend analysis (65 percent)

·         Reduce application downtime (64 percent)

So you’ve decided to invest in a cloud-based solution for your contact center for one or more of the reasons listed above. Now, what should you ensure your cloud contact center is supported with? According to the infographic, that would be three things:

1.)    Multi-tenancy: This should consist of a powerful combination of high availability and data security so that you can achieve simple allocation of rights and roles, enjoy simpler remote access and see an easier separation of access to central resources and software, which can be individually configured and adapted for every single client.

2.)    High reliable encryption methods: Ensure that your cloud-based software has reliable SSL encryption, which enables data security at an unprecedented level.

3.)    Clustering: Natural disasters today seem to be happening much more frequently than before, and they can have a massive impact on the continuity of your business. For this reason, your cloud solution should boast geo clustering so that every business environment can run operations uninterrupted and so that user productivity can be fully maximized.

If you’re looking to punch up your cloud-based service, look no further than securing these three key ingredients.

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