Three Things Your Telemarketing Agents Need to Be Doing – Or Else

It’s okay to admit it – the thought of a virtual service center providing more opportunity for mistakes instead of productivity has probably crossed your mind. After all, recent data shows that around $83 billion is lost each year by U.S. businesses and enterprises, and that poor customer service experiences are a big contributing factor to this. Don’t let this fact intimidate you, though. Shake off the nerves and misconceptions about taking your organization into the virtual realm, and then consider how the right telemarketing software and training can transform simple customer service mistakes into productive and valuable interactions.

So, how can companies leverage their telemarketing software to help make each customer interaction a valuable and positive one?

Always Maintain a High-Quality Experience

Studies have found that corporations that put positive customer service experience as a top priority receive around 60 percent higher profits than competing businesses. Utilizing a multichannel approach provides customers with their preferred method of communication, helping make each interaction a positive one.

Leverage Technology to Improve Customer Service

In terms of offering more than one way to communicate with customers, technology such as predictive dialers and even social media can all be used as instruments to help make every customer service experience valuable.

Utilize Social Media

The valuable customer experience that social media delivers simply cannot be ignored; in fact, 45 percent of people around the world expect to receive support and have questions answered over social outlets.

Telemarketing software has certainly evolved in recent years, and with proper implementation it can be used to aide – not impede – the customer service experience. 

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