Three Unique Strategies for Securing Customer Loyalty

One of a company’s most lucrative – and, at times, overlooked – assets is its customers. This is especially true in the contact center industry, where it’s essential to prioritize call center solutions that seek to better address and engage with customer needs and interests.

In light of this, Couch & Associates Inc. recently released an infographic demonstrating the significant impact that customer satisfaction and retention can have on business performance. By producing an exceptional experience for your existing customers, you can easily build your current consumer base, cut costs and increase sales. Let’s take a look at three strategies for improving customer loyalty.

1.       Improved interaction

Forty percent of consumers say that they want increased interaction with companies; however, at the same time, another 40 percent are dissatisfied with the way that companies choose to communicate with them post-sale. Be active about the way that you maintain customer relationships; customers want to feel that a company is engaging with them in order to better understand their needs. Furthermore, 74 percent of customers like to interact via social media, and a company website receives 55 percent more traffic when it includes a blog.

2.       Clear information

Though they are bombarded with over 3000 marketing messages a day, only 13 percent of customers say business communication is easy to understand. And when customers employ social media to ask questions, an incredible 70 percent go unanswered. Strive to be a part of the transparent and responsive 30 percent of customers who present their ideas in a clear, straightforward manner. Only then will your customers be willing to place their trust in and return to your services.

3.       Customer experience initiatives

Seventy-two percent of consumers say that they are loyal to a company because of its service programs. Meanwhile, 81 percent of companies delivering excellent customer service are outperforming their competitors. Ensure that your agents are focused on catering to customer interests. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to evaluate how your company performs from their standpoint. Try personalizing services and increasing availability across channels – two things that are in very high demand right now – to boost customer satisfaction.

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