Tips and Tricks of Today’s Top Performing Customer Service Organizations

Customers comprise the heart of any thriving, growing business; if their needs aren’t properly being met, you can bet business performance is on the decline. In today’s day and age, customers empowered with tools like social media have increased expectations and hold a lot more influence over a company’s success. This change in dynamic is why many executives have focused on strengthening their customer service programs in 2013.

Recent research from the Aberdeen Group now shows that companies are increasingly competing to lead the way in effective responses to customer needs, inquiries and opinions. In fact, over half (54 percent) of respondents cited the top business pressure as being the need to differentiate themselves in terms of products and service. Paired with global economic pressure, companies are being forced to constantly seek new and innovative ways to achieve efficiency without compromising on performance.So, what are top performing organizations doing to ensure that customer service is on par? Those who have experienced the most success have driven their strategy by structuring their service program primarily as a profit center. In doing so, these top performers have seen an average of:

  • 80 percent retention rate
  • 77 percent customer satisfaction
  • 71 percent service workforce utilization

This is in stark comparison to 69, 73 and 65 percent respectively of companies who do not. These executives understand that revenue growth is tied directly to the achievement of their service offerings.Bottom line: Happy customers make for increased sales.In the highly competitive call center industry, the right call center solutions can help bolster your customer service model and give you the advantage you need to be competitive. 

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