Today’s Top Omni-Channel Market Pressures – and Strategies to Reverse Them

Mastering the omni-channel customer experience is oftentimes likened to conquering the quest for the Holy Grail. Aligning and integrating multiple communication channels for seamless use is not the easiest of tasks. In fact, potential complexity is frequently cited as its largest barrier to entrance. Companies within every industry are operating in a highly commoditized world; simplified, easily available and abundant means are demanded by customers for instant gratification…and companies are feeling the pressure to rapidly measure up to these expectations.

 As a result, the market is exploding with research, studies and surveys all aimed at trying to unlock the mysteries of the mutli-channel challenge. Now, an all-new omni-channel strategies and initiatives survey commissioned by the Aberdeen Group provides unparalleled insight into some of the top pressures faced by tentative companies today.

Findings from the study include:

  • 55 percent of retail respondents said that customers expect a similar experience regardless of channel.
  • Retail respondents identified the top five channels of engagement as online (87 percent), brick and mortar (70 percent), mobile (56 percent), call center (56 percent) and social media (52 percent).
  • 33 percent of respondents said that increasing revenue growth is their top omni-channel pressure.

Strategic steps to conquer these top pressures include:

Ensuring product availability across all channels

Inventory availability represents the core of any omni-channel approach, according to Aberdeen Group. Research found that 44 percent of “market leaders” ensure product availability across all channels of communication, as opposed to only 34 percent of “market followers.” Aberdeen says that this strategy “directly impacts the customer’s desire for a similar experience regardless of channel.”

Develop a multi-channel, multi-touch marketing plan

Your multi-channel, multi-touch marketing plan should make it easy for customers to transition from a siloed approach to a multi-channel approach. For instance, as a call center solutions provider, do you offer multiple ways to establish customer connections? Do you provide mobile call center applications for call center managers and execs? Does your software come equipped with digital touchpoints for immediate, in-store service?


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