Top Benefits of a Web-Based Contact Center

In short, the Web-based contact center leverages the power of unified communications (UC) to make it not only more easily manageable and cost-efficient for those overseeing it, but more readily available and present for customers at all times via all methods of engagement. This can include video, live chat, and SMS text message. The reason why this offering has exploded onto the scene is because it addresses your customers when and where they are in real-time for an overall more enjoyable and proactive user experience.

The Web-based contact center has clearly been well received by customers, particularly as unified communications continues to grow. According to a report by Forrester, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is positioned for significant growth as demand continues to rise. In fact, the analyst’s data indicates that one-third of global companies have implemented UCC and an additional one-third plan to put it into action.

There are two things the Web-based contact center is especially well-known for:

  • Faster customer response: A Web-based solution omits all traditional physical hardware, meaning that communications and vital customer information can be transferred faster and easier. This leads to quicker and smarter customer service that never compromises on quality, which then leads to increased customer satisfaction and augmented sales.


  • User-friendly: There are of course benefits for those maintaining the system as well. Not only will you enjoy a fuller budget with feather-light installation, training and ongoing maintenance costs, but you can also access a Web-based call center anytime, anywhere via the Internet and a secure connection. This means you can increase your number of at-home agents (keep in mind call centers save an average $2,000/yearfor every work-at-home employee).

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