Top British Luxury Retailer Proves the Power of Video for Customer Engagement

Video platforms, including live video chat and video conferencing, have truly proven their value in the customer service realm. With 40 percent of people being more receptive to visuals than text, video service and engagement strategies open a huge door of opportunity for companies across every sector to take standard interactions to new, unprecedented levels.

At the same time, there’s, unfortunately, a bit of a problem regarding video. It doesn’t have to do with adopting video technology for customer engagement, but how to use the technology to your advantage in order to creatively and uniquely tap into your customer base like never before. Everyone’s looking to create a revolutionary service strategy like nothing ever seen before. As any customer service leader knows, repurposing the same tactic or re-using the same method will yield stale results.

Thankfully, companies like British luxury retailer Mulberry are paving the way for innovative video use to promote its new autumn/winter collection.

The company is promoting its all-new collection via its digital channels, giving its social followers a first, exclusive look at the campaign video and images. While the video may be short, it displays a number of pieces from the collection to establish the look and feel of the beautiful, unique new line. The company went ahead and shared the video through its social media pages and “made it the centerpiece on its website homepage,” according to Luxury Daily, who included the brand’s strategy among the top 10 luxury brand multi-channel marketers of Q3 2013.

What avenues are you considering traveling down when it comes to unique customer service strategies? And, more importantly, what kind of call center software can take you there?

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