Top Call Center Features for Exemplary E-mail Support

Being a leading-edge call center technology supplier, Vocalcom recognizes that a keystone of any successful business solution includes putting together an effective and efficient way to handle e-mail. E-mail isn’t just a way to talk to customers and colleagues, because when used to its full potential, it can be one of the strongest tools available to engage with customers. 

There’s an opportunity in the countless amount of e-mails sent every day – opportunities that virtual call center software can easily capitalize on to address both the needs of customers and the agents who are interacting with them. These features include:


This function is essential at a basic level, telling customers not only that their concerns have been received, but informing them of the response time that they can expect.

Standard response library

The standard response library isn’t a simple boilerplate; it is used to empower agents with the answers they need, ensuring the customer receives company-wide consistency.

Intelligent routing according to business rules

Intelligent routing means efficient work. This feature manages incoming e-mail flow by automatically assigning inquiries to the appropriate agents based on content, time, customer type and emotional level. This way, your customers won’t be re-routed through any unnecessary channels.

Escalation rules

This feature notifies managers and instigates follow-ups to help meet response commitments or to provide special handling for priority customers when necessary.

Unified customer interaction record

The goal here is to increase customer satisfaction and save processing time by providing agents with a complete customer interaction history. This includes a shared customer interaction record, so conversations can change channels without losing context.

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