Top Collaborative Features Your Outbound Call Center Strategy Needs for Success

Today’s sophisticated outbound call center strategy is much different from what is once was. Whereas agents once simply dialed a telephone number and left a voice message on a customer’s answering machine, there now exists a multitude of collaborative features to make this process more exciting, engaging and satisfactory for customers. Let’s take a look at some of the top collaborative features your outbound call center strategy should be leveraging right now:

·         Robust Collaborative Dashboard: Today’s advanced outbound call center solutions should come equipped with a robust, comprehensive and collaborative dashboard. This feature will enable agents to extend their customer reach via multiple mediums and communication channels, including instant messaging and live chat.

·         Digital Video Monitoring and Call Recording: The ultimate collaboration tool for improving agent performance and service quality by monitoring and evaluating all agent-to-customer interactions. This feature ensures that you’re not only collaborating with your customers, but also with your staff.

·         CTI Screen Pops: CTI screen pops – a feature of a computer telephony integration (CTI) application – automatically displays all relevant caller and account information on the agent’s screen during a call. By actionably pushing all need-to-know information to your agents in real-time, your customers will find that your representatives are better informed, prepared and, perhaps most importantly, up to date with you. As we all know, no customer likes to be put on hold while their information is being sought out or, even worse, having to repeat themselves.

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