Top Ecommerce Sites Are Rapidly Slowing: How Is Your Contact Center Managing?

We supposedly live in a world of high-speed browsing, when in actuality, we live in a world where Internet speed is a slow but surely ticking time bomb. Consider that back in December 2011, the average load time for a site was about 5.94 seconds. Fast forward to March 2013 and that number has increased to 7.25 seconds. This has got individuals slating a potential load time of up to nine seconds by the end of 2013.

The scariest part of all? One in four individuals abandon a Web page that takes more than four seconds to load, according to OnlineGraudatePrograms.com’s aggregated infographic. As a retailer, this can have a lot to do with your current suite of call center applications, software and solutions.

How? Because today’s customer doesn’t contact the average call center via the phone anymore. Today’s consumers want to – and do – use more communication channels for customer service, and this includes Web-based service. In fact, according to Forrester Research, consumers today are using a set of channels that are so new that they were barely used only three years ago. This includes Web chat, screen sharing and virtual agents.

With the vast number of customers accessing your company website and mobile apps everyday to meet their service needs, you simply can’t afford to have customers wait for your page to fully load or risk the chance of lag-time affect your Internet performance rates. If you’re looking to secure the success of your next-generation, multi-channel service offerings, then you must be ensuring guaranteed, high-speed Internet performance.

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