Top Features of Vocalcom’s Hosted Predictive Dialer

Now more than ever, companies are trading in their old, outdated predictive dialer solutions for a more feature-rich hosted predictive dialer solution. Not only does a hosted solution boost productivity and increase sales, but it also cuts costs, increases customer engagement and offers more advanced features. Having said that, let’s take a deep dive into some of Vocalcom’s most notable hosted predictive dialer features.

Proven algorithm

To help maximize productivity, Vocalcom’s predictive dialer algorithm starts dialing on multiple simultaneous lines, passing agents the next call the moment they are ready.

Award-winning agent desktop

Vocalcom’s award-winning agent desktop features Single Sign-on and Custom Call Scripting as well as the ability to manage calls e-mails, tweets, SMS and fax and chat interactions all from a single simple to use interface. 

Unmatched performance/delivery

The key to increasing call volume is speed. Vocalcom’s high-speed delivery enables calls and/or procedures to be completed by agents with unmatched performance.

CTI screen pops

In order to augment workplace productivity, agents undoubtedly require quick access to customer information. With Volcalcom’s CTI screen pops, customer information is pushed to the agent’s desktop for reduced call handle times.

Answering machine screening

Don’t waste time leaving customers’ messages on their machines. Instead, use automated messaging options for answering machines, which automatically leaves a custom voice message on an answering machine and routes inbound return calls to the same agent.

List and campaign management

Your agents can load, filter and assign lists and campaigns in advance. This way, new programs or lists can begin dialing automatically and without any supervisor intervention needed, maximizing productivity as a result.

Time zone and “Do Not Call” list

Auto-time zone adjustments enable calls to be based on the specific area code of the number being dialed and can be adjusted as best seen fit. And with 100 percent “Do Not Call” list protection, you’ll ensure the reputability of your calling campaign and brand.

Agent occupancy rate

Vocalcom’s hosted predictive dialer software automatically filters out answering machines, busy signals, disconnected calls and fax machines. By omitting all of these restricted obstacles, agents are able to connect to only live answers.

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