Top Financial Benefits of Deploying a Hosted Call Center

There has been a great deal of hype regarding the hosted contact center and, like every great technological offering, data is coming back proving just how helpful the solution can be for companies’ budgets. For instance, one of the Web’s biggest retailers, Overstock.com Inc., was recently looking for a solution to its overloaded call center infrastructure. Not only did the company save $13.9 million over five years after implementing a hosted solution, but it also found that its customer service metrics improved, as well. Let’s take a look at the ways in which utilizing a hosted contact center can help save your company money.Maintaining Call Center Equipment is Not CheapKeeping contact center tools and services in-house can lead to the need for additional IT staff, which is not an inexpensive proposition. With a hosted contact center, a third-party vendor takes care of all of your call center implementation needs, allowing you to more closely oversee agents or deal with other high priority tasks, rather than dealing with IT concerns.Giving Customers the Channel Options they DemandA hosted call center gives your agents the ability to communicate with customers via voice, messaging, chat, mobile, social media and more for an affordable price. Never again will a customer send an e-mail or a chat message and find that it doesn’t get through to the correct agent. Simplified, streamlined channel options offer your call center agents and your customers the options they want.To learn more about the benefits of hosted call center solutions, click here.

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