Top Must-Haves for Your Multi-Channel CRM Software

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Your customers want instant gratification, and they want to be easily serviced through the channel of their choosing. In fact, according to industry analyst Ovum, nearly three-quarters of consumers today use three channels or more when accessing customer service.

“Your customers aren’t just calling anymore. They are e-mailing, they are chatting, they are posting in social media,” explains our very own Executive Vice President, George Seroukas, “You need to support all these channels from a single user interface regardless of the channel.”

Right now, there’s a customer looking for a better way to connect with your company; meanwhile, there are customers rolling their eyes because your competitor’s service just isn’t measuring up. Now is the time to leverage powerful multi-channel customer relationship management (CRM) software. Here are three important things your multi-channel CRM software needs to have if you’re looking to strike while the iron is hot:

1.)    Rich Multi-Channel Features: When it comes to multi-channel CRM “must-haves,” you first and foremost need a set of rich, multi-channel features. While all voice and non-voice channels should be of optimum importance, some important ones that are emerging include live chat and social media support.

2.)    Flexible Service Management: Regardless of the channel being used, your agents should be able to view and manage all customer interactions via one simple, unified interface. This means that your CRM software should be able to automatically capture, route, manage, integrate, orchestrate and report on both inbound and outbound customer interactions across all channels.

3.)    Ease-of-use: CRM software that is easy to use means agents need less training, which is not only more cost-efficient, but maximizes agent productivity and morale.

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