Part 2 – Top Reasons Why Your Contact Center Needs the Cloud

Cookie cutters are good for gingerbread men, but bad for your company. If your business is just the same as your competitors, why should a customer choose yours? Yours must be different and better than everyone else’s; how you gain that advantage is to concentrate on your core competencies.

If your call center is the place where your business shines (you are available to your customers quickly and reliably, answering their calls and meeting their needs immediately, you are undoubtedly counted among the best at what you do.

Your IT team excels at your company’s core competencies. But what if that advantage was taken away?

A hurricane could hit your East Coast office (Hurricane Sandy proved that to be all too true in October of 2012). A tornado could take down Midwest power lines or an earthquake could knock out your California call center – and that’s just in the U.S. Your hardware systems could be down for weeks and, with every hour that passes, you are losing money and credibility.

A cloud-based Web solution could have been the saving grace in such a situation.

Or what if your IT team is shrinking from attrition with no quick replacements to be found and trained? Response times get longer and happy customers get fewer. Having a Web-based contact center frees up your personnel to improve customer service in other ways–like face-to-face meetings and value-added services, such as on-site training seminars. Such goodwill breeds better business relationships.

Or perhaps you are looking to expand your business. By migrating to a Web-based center solution, you’re no longer hindered by limitations such as outdated hardware or the inability to open a remote office. With your vital customer call interactions run safely from the cloud, you are free to drum up as much new business as possible without fear you will be unable to service your new customers properly. Your core competencies will expand and, with them, so will your profits.

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