Part 3 – Top Reasons Why Your Contact Center Needs the Cloud

Keeping up with the incoming calls to your call center can sometimes seem as difficult as getting animals to march in a parade.No matter what your service provider promised when you were being sold your system, the truth is that the system isn’t that reliable, customers are getting frustrated when their calls aren’t being answered promptly and, worst of all, there are way too many times the system is down – and you can see your company profits circling the drain.Is there a solution?

Enter hosted predictive dialers, which leverage the power of cloud routing. Cloud routing takes your tangled calls and creates a unified queue in the cloud. A hosted predictive dialer then lets your call center make use of the now-orderly queue to meet the needs of the highest call demand, no matter if the high call volume is constant or due to responses to that press release your marketing department just distributed or the start of Christmas shopping season for your toy retail operation.Here are three more reasons your operation should consider using Web-based cloud routing:

  1. When volume is particularly high, such as in call spikes, the dialer manages calls quickly enough to solve the problem of call abandonment, giving your callers better service, making for more satisfied customers, and ultimately, augmenting overall profit.
  2. Multiple call centers with remote locations are treated as a single resource pool by cloud routing. By shifting calls to a less busy center, they maximize your resources. No caller is stuck on hold for too long or ever hears a busy signal (and that says a lot, seeing how the average person spends 1.2 years on hold waiting for a call).
  3. With cloud routing, your best performing agents receive calls first (giving you the best chance to close business.) After a specific call count has been reached (or that agent gets too busy,) calls are automatically routed to a secondary destination. How you split the volume of calls is up to you. You are the expert in your business. Manage call spikes, heavy volume and other problems common to your call center with cloud routing and finally get those parading felines marching to the beat of the same drummer.

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