Top Reasons You Need Social Call Center Software to Get you Through This Holiday Season

The numbers are in: most companies fail the customer service test. They don’t even make it close to the “just passing” mark, according to the findings of a recent American Express study.

Three key findings surfaced from the report:

  1. Most customers still don’t think service is good enough, much less getting better.
  2. Most people will spend (a lot) more money to ensure better service.
  3. Quality personal connections are still the most important thing for customers.

Customers want service – and access to service – on their terms; when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. Call center software supported with strong social media integration can be the answer to the following four concerns that customers still bring to the table. Here’s how social media can solve the perplexing customer service puzzle:

Social media is where customers are, whether they like it or not

Think about it…almost every single person you know has at least one social media account. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, they’re logged in and checking in, and this directly correlates to some serious holiday shopping. According to aggregated data from a recent Crowdtap infographic, almost 65 percent of shoppers use social media to search for gifts, and nearly 70 percent purchase gifts that they found through social media.

Social media fosters the kind of “quality personal connections” that customers crave

Social customer service delivers answers anywhere and at anytime. It lets questions and comments from social media channels become part of your call center’s case queue, routing them through one single, easy-to-use hub, monitoring and prioritizing conversations by sentiment and influence. Social call center software even utilizes insights from customers’ online profiles to deliver the best answers faster.

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