Top Threats Facing Your Contact Center

Incorporating stellar call center software is of the utmost importance for any flourishing business, regardless of its size. That’s because the right solutions are often your first line of defense in proactively preparing for threats against your contact center. As you sharpen the pencil and take out the calculator to figure out how to weave these solutions into your business plan, consider three critical threats that businesses and their contact centers face.

Inadequate first-call resolution (FCR) rates

First-call resolution, or properly addressing customer queries the first time they call, is considered one of the most important factors for achieving customer satisfaction in the call center. The threat of a poor FCR plan can loom over a business’ head. In fact, according to a Dimensional Research survey that polled customers, individuals are less likely to remember positive customer experiences than negative ones. Moreover, only 26 percent of consumers think that customer service centers provide adequate support to meet their demands. Watch out, because customer satisfaction levels can drop with the blink of an eye.

Inability to improve performance levels

Performance is everything in a call center, and as a manager, you are tasked with making sure that your agents are not being underutilized or remaining idle. Stagnant growth is a constant frustration for managers and for staff, but with superior call center solutions – including advanced predictive dialers – call centers can accelerate their sales and marketing performance by filtering out busy signals, disconnected calls and fax and answering machines.

Poor integration

The complex tools that call centers incorporate into their daily business routines include everything from predictive dialers to CRM databases to workforce management (WFM) tools to credit card security applications. While these tools provide a great deal of service to agents, they can also create a complicated puzzle for agents to navigate. Without the proper call center solution in place – one that facilitates seamless integration between disparate software systems – it can become incredibly difficult to manage overall operations.

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