Top Three Benefits of a Predictive Dialer

Calling a list of people can seem like a daunting task. There are hang-ups, long wait times, and some dial tones that neither end nor go to voicemail—they just leave you hanging.

Long wait times can be a death knell for call centers if not properly managed. Agents need to maximize the amount of time that they are on the phone conversing with potential customers—not waiting. And a predictive dialer, an automated service designed to increase the amount of efficiency in a call center, is the tool that is needed to make this happen.

Here are the top three benefits that a predictive dialer will provide for your organization:

1. More profits, reduced expenditure

Predictive dialers can increase sales by up to 50 percent while reducing operational call center costs. In fact, you could see a return of investment in as little time as six to 12 months. You will save money because fewer agents will be needed to handle an influx of calls, and there will be less outbound calls as well.

2. Increased agent efficiency 

Having to dial out and wait for an incoming call is like trying to run a marathon while stopping every three feet to tie your shoes. For an agent in a call center, connectivity issues make the real job—landing a sale—even harder. If, for instance, only one out of every five prospects actually purchases a product, then the sales team cannot afford to be wasting any time over the phone waiting for customers who are never going to pick up. 

 3.  Customer, agent and managerial satisfaction

The best part about this technology is that it satisfies every party involved. Customers will be happy because your call center will bother them less. Upper management will be happy because agents will have no excuse for inefficiency, since the computer will be able to predict when to place calls. And agents will be happy because certain demoralizing aspects of cold calling will be removed entirely.

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