Top Three Things You Need to Evaluate Before Rising to the Cloud

Moving one’s enterprise to the cloud is a trend that just keeps getting bigger, and it makes sense why. By properly utilizing cloud technology, such as a cloud contact center, operational costs can be cut, information can be made more accessible and consumers can be better served. However, there are of course a few important things to consider when making this major shift. Here are the top three things that you and your company need to assess before making the shift to cloud-based infrastructure.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are what formerly define the terms of a service contract. These need to be rethought and closely examined because while most cloud providers have them, accountabilities can differ if they are not met. By carefully analyzing the SLAs of your provider, your enterprise will be better prepared in the case of any pressing event.


As the cloud enables you to incorporate purchases made by your customers into everyday business processes, governance should be a big point of consideration. For example, what security measures are in place? Or, how adaptable is the service you are looking at when it comes to updates and advancements in technology?

Service Management

When evaluating your decision to go cloud-bound, it is necessary to closely examine the workings of what you currently have in play and how it will change.

As with any transitional phase, it is important to keep an eye on the details and how they will be affected. Hardware functionality is different from that of software (or even software to software) and in order to remain functional, decrease downtime and keep profits up, being a conscientious consumer is certainly worth the time.

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