Part 1 – Top Three Ways to Master the Cross-Channel Customer Experience

The world of retail never sleeps. There are customers constantly flocking to your space, filling their shopping bags and looking for in-store assistance. This has created an age-old debate regarding how to balance high customer churn with readily attentive employees. Simply put, not every customer can be personally addressed – whether it just so happens to be a busy weekday at random or on Black Friday. This is why there is perhaps no bigger area of opportunity for implementing – and mastering – the cross-channel customer experience. One excellent way to begin your cross-channel customer experience is with in-store kiosks.

Vocalcom’s disruptive call center technology supports any communication channel so that you don’t have to worry about this delicate balance. By utilizing TheDrive solution, companies can introduce to their stores the concept of a connected kiosk, which brings in-store touch points to your own virtual call center.

So, if your customer has a question about a product or service but your retail lines are too long and there are no salespeople available – even if he or she finds an employee, there’s no telling if they’ve wandered from their dedicated areas of assistance – an in-store kiosk proves invaluable. Instead of leaving the store after impatiently waiting for what seems like hours, your prospective customer can instead approach the kiosk and connect with the store in real-time through its online call center.

As a result, your customer remains satisfied—hopefully leading to the conversion of a sale—and you are able to do more with less, as your agents can even answer customer questions from the comfort of their homes.  The in-store kiosk is an excellent example of achieving a unified and seamless customer experience.

Needless to say, a stellar customer experience is paramount for customers. In fact, according to a 2012 survey by Forrester, only 37 percent of brands received good or excellent customer experience index scores in 2012—in sharp contrast to the 64 percent of brands that rated “OK,” “poor,” or “very poor” from their customers.

TheDrive solution prevents against the poor customer experience by delivering instant yet reliable customer connections thanks to multi-store touchpoints. To learn more, click here.

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