Top Tips: Aligning Customer Service with your Customer Experience Strategy

When customers shop with you, they expect a specific kind of experience. Taking this one step further, they expect that experience to be consistent every time, through every channel. If you’re Bass Pro Shops, for instance, they expect to be completely immersed in the fishing world when they enter your store. If you’re Charles Schwab, your customers expect you to always be there with timely, accurate financial advice whenever they need it.

What type of customer experience do you promise and how do you align that strategy within your call center? Here are four tips for achieving that goal:

1.       Thoroughly communicate your customer experience strategy. Ensure that your agents intimately understand your strategy for delivering consistent, high-value customer experiences. Try hanging your service mission statement on a sign in the facility or have it permanently appear at the top of the opening screen of your call center solution. Some other ideas are to post it on your company intranet or hand out wallet-sized cards and reward any employees who cite it in a customer conversation.

2.       Determine the technology needed to implement that vision. Once you’ve finalized your customer experience strategy, identify technology will truly accelerate business and turn your objectives into realities. For instance, a multi-channel solution or live video chat integration.

3.       Measure your alignment to ensure that it stays on track. Survey your customers about their experience immediately after an interaction, using questions that align with the key characteristics of your strategy. All-in-one call center solutions can provide a mechanism for capturing that data.

4.       Evaluate your customer experience strategy annually. Customer satisfaction is a journey, not a destination. Over the course of a year, much about your customers, your company and your competitive market will have changed. Analyze the experience you are offering customers and whether it still aligns with the overall vision. Make adjustments where necessary. 

Eighty-six percent of customers will pay more to make sure they receive stellar service. Ensure that your offering is properly aligned with your customer experience strategy, and you will always have satisfied customers.

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