Top Tips for Promoting Your Product Launch over Multiple Mediums

There is much that can be learned from French jeweler Cartier’s latest campaign for the launch of its Paris Nouveau Vague collection. In fact, Cartier’s approach, which used e-mail, social videos and a branded magazine, landed it a spot in Luxury Daily’s top 10 luxury brand multi-channel marketers of Q3 2013.

There were several strong points to Cartier’s strategy:

  1. Multiple media helped reinforce the message and keep Cartier top of mind longer.
  2. It allowed customers to engage with the brand through the medium of their choice at a time that was convenient for them.
  3. Every format allowed for unlimited repeat viewing and sharing.
  4. It rolled the message out slowly to let the key points sink in.
  5. It took over its branded digital magazine. This allowed the company to focus the reader’s undivided attention on the new line.

How could Cartier – and your company – extend a marketing strategy such as this one through to service?

  1. With multi-channel call center solutions, agents could respond to an interaction through the same channel the customer reached out in.
  2. Agents who respond via e-mail could attach a video, the digital magazine or even a coupon. 
  3. All three channels could include a live chat button with an option of text, audio or video.
  4. Automated call center solutions could push a short survey to each customer upon completion of the interaction to ensure it was to their satisfaction.

Multi-channel options show true potential for strengthening customer relationships, and giving customers a choice in how they want to engage with you gives back that long lost sense of autonomy on their part.  

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