Top Tips for Shifting Your Customer Demographic

While all customers are becoming increasingly multi-channel today, taking a targeted multi-channel approach can also help brands expand their business to engage new demographics. 

Consider Hennessy, an upscale cognac from French company LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moët Hennessy). The brand wanted to reach a younger audience, and so it created a multi-channel campaign that included a micro-site featuring rap artist Nasir “Nas” bin Olu Dara Jones in a video gallery and a three-part interview series. Called Wild Rabbit, the campaign was supported by social media to increase exposure among the liquor distributor’s desired target audience.

A multi-channel approach can help your contact center diversify its target audience, too. Here are four ways that your call center staff can help your service center do so:

1.       Start conversations in social communities on which your target demographic hangs out. Or, sponsor a new social community.

2.       Use traditional media to drive people to micro-sites where they can find unique content, then support it with live chat and video.

3.       Start a customer service Twitter feed. In fact, 30 percent of leading brands have a dedicated customer service Twitter feed, according to recent research from Simply Measured.

4.       Hire a celebrity spokesperson with strong ties to your target audience, then sponsor a live chat event on Google + hangout.

There are also several ways you can support your staff through multi-channel call center software. For instance, using an all-in-one solution, your agents will be able to view interactions from every channel in a single screen. Likewise, your IVR can prioritize incoming contacts from multiple channels within a single queue.

Through multi-channel call center software, agents will be able to respond to e-commerce questions from customers via smartphones and other mobile devices, unquestionably increasing the number of conversions. And, with cloud-based call center software, your agents can be in different locations—and time zones—all while you manage them in real-time through a unified tracking system.

A multi-channel strategy is necessary for servicing all of your customers today. When you want to expand to a new target audience, let your call center solution do the heavy lifting.

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