Top Two Social Media Mistakes Every Contact Center Manager Should Be Aware Of

We’ve all heard horror stories of companies who took to social media with good intentions, yet damaged their brand and made a dent in customer loyalty because things somehow went south. These types of tweets and posts make our eyes widen and mouths strain downwards as we scratch our heads wondering what thoughts went through an employee’s head before hitting “send.”

Regardless of what industry you’re entrenched in, social media remains under the same umbrellas of usage rules and best practices. For the call center boasting social media integration for customer engagement, this is absolutely important to remember. There are so many mistakes one can make, but let’s put the spotlight on two that we believe are absolutely need-to-avoid for every contact center or social media manager.

1.)    It’s Not Just a Numbers Game

Focusing on the wrong metrics can seriously damage your contact center’s success. While many companies – perhaps including your competitors – are emphasizing the number of fans or followers that they have, you should be relying on a call center solution that monitors several other critical elements of social media usage, such as speed and quality of customer service resolution and engagement. For example, how quickly can your agents respond to a Facebook comment or respond to a tweeted customer complaint?

2.)    Only Integrate the Best Social Media Channels Into Your Call Center

In 2012, the average Facebook user was 41 years old, and 65 percent of everyone on Facebook was noted as being 35 years-old or older. If your core offering is best suited for this age range, then it only makes sense to integrate the platform for agent to customer interaction. If you’re looking to target a female niche, you could take a stab at Twitter, whose typical user is a 37 year-old female. Most important, however, is to remember that not all social media channels need to be integrated into your call center solution. The last thing you should be doing is stretching your company too thin.

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