Part 1 – Top Two Ways to Leverage Pinterest for Customer Engagement

Facebook? Been there, done that. Twitter? So 2010.

 If you truly want to become a pioneer in leveraging social media for customer engagement, it might be time for you to try Pinterest. Launched in 2009, the online billboard is a social media service in which users collect and “pin” their favorite pictures of products, styles, recipes and more. With over 48 million users and the company having recently decided to expand internationally, it’s also the fastest growing social media site.

A study by Wishpond demonstrated that 70 percent of Pinterest users say that they use the site as a source of inspiration for what to buy. Sony also found that the “Pin-It” button received 10 times more clicks than the “Tweet This” button. If you’re still not convinced, 43 percent of Pinterest users interact with retailers or brands compared to 24 percent on Facebook.

This has sent call center managers and executives into a frenzy about how to incorporate emerging social media platforms like Pinterest into their customer engagement strategies. The key to unlocking this mystery, however, can be found in digital unified call center software. This type of call center software supports strong omni-channel customer service, such as Web and video chat, mobile and through social media.

However, your software won’t be fully leveraged until you complement it by bringing smart and targeted strategies to the table. To jumpstart your Pinterest approach, here’s our first tip to ensure your strategy is a success.

1) Know the demographic

In order to use Pinterest effectively, you have to identify your audience and its patterns. For instance, 70 percent of Pinterest users are women, and the majority of users are of high income and within the 25 – 44 year age range. Additionally, most Pinterest activity involves the “re-pinning” of existing content. With this knowledge, you can have the demographic in mind to make your product most attractive and better predict its success on the site.

Once you have that down, check back for the second installment of this piece where you can learn the second way to best leverage your Pinterest account.

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