Part 2 – Top Two Ways to Leverage Pinterest for Customer Engagement

In part one of this series, we learned that being aware of your audience and analyzing user trends can really help a business shape its Pinterest activity. Used the right way, Pinterest can boost brand awareness, increase referral traffic and overall have a significantly positive impact on your business’s performance as a tool for customer engagement.

If the statistics in the previous installment weren’t enough, let’s take a live example of a company optimally utilizing Pinterest: Whole Foods.

Mouthwatering photos of delicious foods will leave most people itching to hit the grocery store, but of course, Whole Foods doesn’t just stop there. The company boasts over 50 Pinterest boards covering everything from recycling and gardening to holiday favorites to cooking gadgets to its nonprofit organization, Whole Planet Foundation. The secret to Whole Foods’ success? The company is infamously known for directly engaging customers via the platform, where it comments and “repins” from its boards often.

Taking a page from Whole Foods, without further adieu, here’s your second tip to improve your Pinterest platform. 

2)  Interact

So you’ve invested in powerful, unified call center software and you’ve created a Pinterest account, however, your work doesn’t stop there. It’s up to you to be proactive to foster a relationship with your customers. Keep track of those that re-pin your products. Follow them back and build an open dialogue by commenting on the posts. Take note of customer responses and incorporate the feedback into future endeavors. Hold contests that reflect hot industry trends. It will naturally build more discussion about your business. Make the customers feel special and they’re sure to return the favor.

Prioritizing these two strategies will help guarantee that you “pin” it to the target of your social media platform.

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