Treat Your Customers Like Family This Holiday Season

Every day, your customers’ service needs change. Today, they have a question about a product on your website, and might find the push-to-talk button handy. Tomorrow, they may not be in a place where they can talk so freely, and so they choose to chat with an agent online. If they’re in a hurry, they might prefer a simple phone call to speak to an agent in-person. And, if they want a record of the transaction, an e-mail would provide that.

The question may seem complicated: How do you know whether you’re meeting all of your customers’ service needs appropriately and at a time when they need them? The answer, however, is simpler than you may think: By understanding who they are.

A call center software analytics program can help you understand your customers’ service behavior at an unparalleled, in-depth level. From time-of-day to channel preference to repeat issues, understanding the trends occurring within your customer base as well as how they’re reaching out to you is what’s going to get your service from the bronze to platinum level.

Not sure where to start? Take the most common customer complaint – being kept waiting. How often do you analyze your IVR prompts and study your queue times? Have any of your agents become recently trained in new areas? Leverage the full power of your call center software to query customers about their service experience; the real-time feedback will help you, in turn, make real-time adjustments, and you can pass that feedback on to your agents.

Additionally, ask your service reps for their thoughts and opinions. They will have a good sense of what is and isn’t working, as well as new ideas for how things can be improved. To get the most in-depth look at the technology and service you’re implementing, ask those who are involved with it on a daily basis.

For all you know, your customers could be looking at a competitive product as you read this, and for every second longer that you wait, you run the risk of losing them for good. A service interaction is an opportunity to learn more about what’s going in the lives of your customers and to improve your relationship with them – especially considering the quickly approaching holiday season. Everyone’s going through a lot during this particularly stressful time of the year; think of your customers like your family, and treat them just the same. You’ll not only be one step ahead of your competitors, but you’ll be one step ahead of your customers, and that will undoubtedly keep them satisfied.

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