Triple Your Contacts with the Right Predictive Dialer Technology

No one wants to talk to a machine. It’s a well known fact that upon receiving one of the infamous robocalls, a person’s natural reflex is to hang up within the first few seconds. Avoiding the blunt return to the dreaded dial tone can be a challenge for many industries that rely on outbound calls. Enter Vocalcom’s innovative predictive dialer solution.The unrivaled technology aims to enhance customer experience by eliminating the time-consuming guesswork of connecting agents to only customers, and in turn, sales. In fact, by identifying live prospects and capitalizing on the opportunity to better engage with customers, companies can increase sales by up to 300 percent. With the potential to triple agents’ talk time, our affordable software rapidly navigates through dead-end calls for maximum efficiency and productivity.Our predictive dialer technology comes stocked with several features in order to help you accelerate sales and marketing performance by optimizing talk time. These include:

  • Filtering out busy signals, disconnected calls, and fax and answering machines
  • Routing inbound return phone calls to the same agents
  • Automatically leaving messages on answering machines
  • Simple set up for rapid installation
  • Significant cost savings with efficiency gains

It’s time to put the monotonous recordings away and decrease wasted time and effort. Designed with customers in mind, our predictive dialer solution is sure to ring in great benefits for your business needs in any industry.To join over 550,000 customers worldwide and explore our solution in more detail, click here.

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