Part 1 – Turning Your Contact Center into More than Just a Cost Center

Today, application development and delivery professionals are feeling the pressure more than ever to continually reinvent their contact centers. It’s about redefining the idea of the contact center and what it can do while at the same time keeping functionality, performance and service uncompromised. This is especially true when considering the last point – customer service – as emphasis on customer service continues to provide new opportunities for contact center elevation.So…what’s the answer to transforming the contact center to meet these growing needs? It’s all about creating a well-crafted road map that will lead you to ultimate success. In a recent Vocalcom whitepaper created in conjunction with top industry analyst Forrester Research, we provide some best tips and tricks to help map out your contact center future.Link your Contact Center Investments to the Customer Experience EcosystemWhen asked what their major customer experience objective was in 2012:

  • 77 percent of participants said improving the online customer experience
  • 74 percent said improving the cross-channel customer experience
  • 61 percent said adding or improving the mobile customer experience
  • 48 percent said using communities and other types of social computing
  • 43 percent said improving the experience of interacting with a call center agent

For almost every contact center professional, the customer experience is always a work in progress. Today, it’s all about honing in on one’s strategy and driving investments to evolve the customer relationship. Meanwhile, customer experience teams are dealing with the growing challenge of properly aligning, integrating and optimizing these strategies into the company’s overall goals and objective.It seems more than clear that one of the first steps you should take to elevate your contact center from a cost center is to improve your overall multi-channel service initiative with more advanced call center solutions. Based on the above findings, it certainly seems your competitors will be; that is, if they haven’t already done so. Make sure to check out part two of this series where we’ll discuss identifying synergies in the customer experience to drive differentiation.To access our Forrester whitepaper in full, click here.

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